French Congo continued...

French Congo continued...
LotNo. Lot Description Minimum Bid
201 imageFRENCH CONGO, 1892, 50c CARMINE ON ROSE USED, #31, fine-very fine, cat. $40.00, Maury #22 @ 50.00, Yvert #22 @ 37.00 (Image) $20
202 imageFRENCH CONGO 1900-04 LEOPARD, BAKALOIS & COCONUT GROVE MINT/USED INCL. WATERMARK VARIETIES ON TWO MOC PAGES, #35-49, primarily mint set, 15c, 75c (minor faults) and 1fr are used, also reversed watermarks mint of 1c, 4c, 5c, 10c and 50c, also same 15c used, fine-very fine, cat. Maury 370.50 (Image) (Scan1) (Scan2) (All Scans)

image image

203 image1900, 1c LEOPARD TYPE II - TUSK VARIETY - NH, #35c, fresh and fine-very fine, cat. $75.00, Maury #27c @ 100.00 (Image) $35
204 image1900, LEOPARD ISSUE ESSAYS ON CARTON PAPER, three diff, 4c (faint thin), 5c and 15c in or close to issued colors, very fine, scarce, cat. Maury 1,350.00 (Image) $450
205 image1900, 4c & 15c LEOPARD TYPE II - TUSK VARIETY - MINT, #37b, 40b, 15c tiny thin spot, fine-very fine, cat. $127.50, Maury #29c, 32c @ 155.00 (Image) $40
206 image1900 BAKALOIS WOMAN NON-DENOMINATED ESSAY GRAY & GREEN ON STAMP PAPER IN PAIR, 41E, very fine, scarce (Image) $150
207 imageFRENCH CONGO, 1900-04, 1fr-5fr COCONUT GROVE MINT, #47-49, 1fr greenish black center instead of olive brown, 5fr with extra perf row at top, LH, fine-very fine, cat. Maury #39a, 40, 41 var. @ 220.00+ (Image) $75
208 image1903, 10c on 2fr CARMINE & BROWN MINT, #53, fresh, previously hinged, very fine, cat. $375.00, Maury #47 @ 450.00 (Image) $250

French Equatorial Africa

French Equatorial Africa
LotNo. Lot Description Minimum Bid
209 imageFRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA, 1940-41 "LIBRE" OVERPRINTED SET USED, #80-125, fresh and sound, fine-very fine, cat. $665.25, Maury 930.00 (Image) (Scan1) (All Scans)


210 image1941, 5c DARK GREEN & LIGHT GREEN WITH RED OVERPRINT USED WITH OTHER OVERPRINTED VALUES ON CENSORED COVER TO CHICAGO #84, used with nos. 86, 87 (2), 94 AND 111, tied by Brazzaville d.s. on Mar., 1941 censored cover to Chicago, AEF censor cachet, Leopoldville backstamp, vertical cover crease afftecting 5c and 15c, fine-very fine (Image) (Scan1) (All Scans)


211 imageFRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA, 1940 du GAULLE ARRIVAL OVERPRINTED SET ON FOUR POSTCARDS, #129-32, affixed to postcards as sold at the time, fine-very fine (Image) (Scan1) (All Scans)


212 image1940, 1fr CARMINE & DULL ORANGE "LIBRE 24-10-40" OVERPRINT ON LOCAL POSTCARD, #131, tied by Port-Gentil d.s., very fine, cat. $165.00, Maury #166 @ 135.00 (Image) (Scan1) (All Scans)


213 image1943, 2.25fr + 50fr and 10fr+100fr RED CROSS SURCHARGES MINT, #B10-11, fresh gum whihc is unusual for this issue, h.r., fine-very fine, older French dealer's signature, cat. $167.50, Maury 140.00 (Image) $80
214 imageFRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA, 1943 RED CROSS SET USED, #B10-11, fresh and sound, very fine, cat. $112.50, Maury #169-70 @ 140.00 (Image) $60
215 image1944 "LIBERATION" OVERPRINT SET MINT, #B12-21, most very lightly hinged, #13 small thin spot, very fine, cat. $450.00, Maury #189-98 @380.00 (Image) $200
216 image1944 "RESISTANCE" SURCHARGES MINT ON ALBUM PAGE, #B22-35, fresh, fine-very fine, most older French dealer's signature, cat. $610.00, Maury 520.00 (Image) $300
217 image1944 "RESISTANCE" OVERPRINT SET MINT NEVER HINGED, #B22-35, fresh, all but no. B22-23 NH, fresh and very fine, cat. $610.00, Maury #175-88 @ 700.00 (Image) $300
218 imageFRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA, 1944 "RESTISTANCE" SURCHARGE SET COMPLETE USED, #B22-35, fresh and sound, 4fr+40fr with inverted surscarge, fine-very fine, scarce set, cat. $410.00, Maury #175-88 @ 520.00 (Image) $200
219 image1937, (10.75fr) STANLEYPOOL AIR POST - DENOMINATION MISSING - MINT, #C8 var., h.r., slightly tropicalized gum, very fine, signed Brun, scarce, cat. maury A #8a @ 150.00 (Image) $75
220 image1941, 1.50fr & 3.75fr "FRANCE LIBRE" AIR POST MINT, #C9, C11, lightly hinged, both with very slight hint of toning on back, fine-very fine, signed Brun, cat. $480.00, Maury 600.00 (Image) $200

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